photos courtesy of Bogner
Photos courtesy of Bogner


When you think of a material that is ecologically sustainable Bamboo should be at the top of the list.  It happens to be the fastest-growing raw material on earth and during growth it captures large amounts of CO2.  Even better – harvesting bamboo yields four times as much timber as most trees and  requires smaller amounts of adhesive than wood to make it stick to surfaces.  Varnishes typically used to treat wood can be replaced with rubbing oils, further conserving resources.   When bamboo gets scratches they can be easily removed unlike with woods that have been varnished.  Best of all, bamboo surfaces develop an luxurious patina over time.

Photos courtesy of Bogner

Bogner has taken up the challenge of developing a high-tech ski using sustainable materials and made by hand.  The result is this a bamboo helmet with matching skis and poles also utilizing bamboo for the shocking retail price of $4,200.  Let’s hope they are following the Tesla model of starting high and reducing prices as production scales up.  Products that are better for the environment ought to be available to the masses however price points in the stratosphere are not going to achieve that.

What Bogner has achieved is a sensational looking ski, helmet and pole set that is all at once retro, Eco, stylish and futuristic looking.  This is no small feat to pull off a product like this.  It is clearly rooted in the artisan model of manufacturing at least part by hand with great attention to detail and refined finishing.

Bamboo Forest Japan
Photo Copyright 2015 LuxNiseko

In Asia bamboo is used in a remarkable variety of products and building activities.  In fact, bamboo is one of the oldest building materials on earth.  Fresh cut bamboo has an extremely high degree of tensile strength.  It is all at once hard and flexible.  The key to this is fibre length – reaching up to 10mm whereas most wood has only 2mm fibre length of wood.  For Bogner all of these characteristics make bamboo an ideal material for skis.

A unique technical characteristic of bamboo is that when thermally pressed it deforms permanently but still maintains its highly elastic characteristics.  This is in turn has a positive influence on the long-term stability of the camber in ski construction.

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 22.59.56UNIQUE FEATURES OF THE BOGNER BAMBOO SKI
Patented Core

Bogner’s patented bamboo core construction with long-lasting camber and natural flex – thanks to the bamboo which has a greater tensile strength than steel

Raw Materials

Only top quality components and adhesives are used – the same ones used in ski racing sports.  All-natural surfaces whose specific, technical properties create a basis for exceptional torsional rigidity and perfect flex behavior.  MATERIALS:  bamboo, stainless steel/V4A, titanal and carbon

Running Base + Steel Edges

Screen Shot 2015-06-25 at 22.59.43Nano high-speed ski running bases, high wax absorption, micro finish, excellent gliding

properties, very good repairability, high ma- terial strengths permit frequent servicing, top quality steel edges

The ski spends a long time in the ski press; resins can crystallise perfectly which makes the ski construction particularly resilient and guarantees a high degree of permanent elasticity

HANDMADEScreen Shot 2015-06-25 at 23.00.08

“Made in Germany” which means unique workmanship all laminated by hand.  Once completed each component is checked for material defects and custom fitted to the individual skier.


As a result of the robust sandwich construction, each ski can be repaired and refinished.


Option to tailor the skis to cater for the customer‘s individual needs in terms of flex, torsion, surface, ski binding, base and edge tuning

Photos courtesy of Bogner

Willy Bogner Jr. launched Bogner Ski in 2004 extending the ski apparel company his parents founded in 1932 into new territory.  The Bogner has a highly regarded reputation for producing ski apparel that is not only aesthetically pleasing but backs it up with exceptional technical details.  As an official outfitter for the German National Ski Team Bogner has its finger on the pulse of high performance in the ski arena.  Bogner’s influence on the prestigious international ski circuit is well known.  It has been growing ever since Willy Jr. directed memorable ski scenes in four James Bond films.

Bogner’s state-of-the-art bamboo skis are made of natural bamboo sandwich woodcore construction with phenol sidewalls, stainless-steel tip protection and diamond-edge finish stone-ground tuning.   Although the skis are sold separately they can also be purchased as part of a matching set together with a bamboo helmet, personalized engraving, telescopic poles with hand-sewn leather grips, professional speedlock bindings and several luxurious accessories.  It even has its own unique tuning and aftercare set.

Photos courtesy of Bogner