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1932 Ski Champion Founder

Willy Bogner senior accomplishes numerous victories as a ski jumper and a cross-country skier.  Hailing from Munich he would win the German Ski Championship 11 times for the Nordic Combination.  Outside of skiing he founded an import business for ski equipment and knit materials which would eventually become the iconic sporting brand cast in his image.

1936 Olympic Athlete

Willy Bogner Sr.  enters the Olympic Winter Games in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.  It was at the games in 1936 that Bogner’s apparel began being worn by the German Olympic team.  This tradition has continued ever since – for a grand total of  17 Olympic Winter Games.  The credibility and media exposure this lent the Bogner brand has proven to be a priceless asset over time.

1970  Passing of the Torch

With his participation in two Olympic winter games and having won more than 70 trophies in 300 races, Willy Bogner jr. successfully follows the footsteps of his father in both skiing and enterprise.  He would eventually take the reigns of Bogner Ski Fashion Brand as well as continuing the tradition of innovative film making.


Today Bogner is run by Willy Bogner, the son of founder Willy sr. and Maria Bogner, with his wife Sônia Bogner.  They are committed to upholding the traditional values introduced by his father and mother.  The openminded approach to both leading and adapting to the world remains a hallmark of Bogner Ski Fashion both for its clothing and its other creative endeavours.


A true Renaissance man following his passions Willy Bogner is one of the leading German entrepreneurs.  Born in Munich in 1942 the alpine skier took part in the Winter Olympics twice – in 1960 and in 1964.  Willy Bogner studied economics and clothing engineering and entered the family business in 1972 – 40 years after its foundation in 1932.  He expanded the company after his father’s death in 1977 .  Since the late 1960’s, Willy Bogner devoted himself to his film production company Willy Bogner Film GmbH.  He worked as a cinematographer, director, actor, producer and screenwriter and took part in the production of nearly 40 movies.  Bogner was responsible for the skiing scenes in four James Bond movies (e.g. “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service“ and “The Spy, Who loved Me“) as both cinematographer and director.



Combining creativity, quality and charisma as a fashion designer Sônia Bogner first joined the family business as a personal assistant to Maria Bogner.  It was Maria, her future husband’s mother, who taught her the craft of fashion apparel.  In 1979, she succeeded Maria Bogner as head of women’s fashion at Bogner.




In 1955 following her revolutionary ideas on the windbreaker and the stretch trousers, Maria Bogner introduced the B-accessory.  The capital B has been a symbol of Bogner’s inspired and sophisticated sporting apparel ever since.


One of the most important areas that helped to cement the Bogner Ski Fashion brand as a global leader was innovative use of film to differentiate it from others.  Below is the first in the series of films released which continues to this day.

1964 Skifaszination Debut

Willy Bogner jr. introduces the film “Skifaszination” (“fascination skiing”) to German cinemas. The movie emphasizes the beauty of alpine skiing supported by specifically composed music.  Bogner became the world’s first skiing choreographer.  During filming an avalanche was triggered during which the air pressure caused a second avalanche on a nearby slope.  Several members of the group were buried under snow. Bogner’s girlfriend Barbi Henneberger and an American, Buddy Werner had raced ahead of the first avalanche, but were fatally caught by the second.

1991 Bond … James Bond

Former 007 Agent Roger Moore, who Willy Bogner met during is work on four James Bond movies, plays a double-role in this sizzling action spectacular.  Bogner was responsible for the cinematography and filming of  the unforgettable ski chase scenes in  On Her Majesty’s Secret ServiceThe Spy Who Loved MeFor Your Eyes Only and A View to a Kill – for which he won the prestigious Bambi Award in 1985 and the Bavarian Film Award, Special Prize, in 1986.  Roger Moore wore Bogner ski wear in all 4 films during the skiing scenes.

1994 White Magic

Willy Bogner’s classic movie White Magic was shot in Canada, Iceland and Switzerland over three consecutive winters.  Featuring an original “Disney-like” music score it celebrates ski and snowboard professionals skiing on snow and water in remote locations.

quality content

Since the founding of the company in 1932, the Bogner brand has been synonymous with the interplay between sport function and fashion.  Bogner feel it imperative that the company act responsibly with respect to society, employees and the environment.  Human ecological values have become an increasingly important part of the company’s corporate philosophy.

Bogner is a co-founder of the “Dialog Textil-Bekleidung”, a German industrial association which promotes environmentally friendly and sustainable production.  Quality assurance measures include consideration of ecological and social impact.  The effectiveness of the program is a result of regular monitoring and documentation by production advisers as well as oversight from local agencies.  Bogner joins an impressive list of German companies leading the world in sound environmental and ecological practices.