Hotel Kanronomori Onsen is situated on the edge of a forest that encourages you to be at one with Nature.  Leaving the stresses of life behind you, can relax in the soothing hot spring waters while taking in the natural view.  ‘Mori no Tenku Buro’ is the epitamy of endulgence and is the ulimate way to relax and unwind after a day cutting curves into the mountainside or floating over powder snow off-piste.

There are 2 large public bathing areas in Hotel Kanronomori Onsen both of which are located on the edge of the National park so that you constantly feel the soothing presence of nature.

Both area’s are different in layout and view so they are swapped each day so in-house guests get to enjoy the best of both bathing area’s.

The Hotel Kanronomori Onsen area is also open to visitors to the area to come and enjoy as well as in house guests ,  Kanronomori is about the total experience why not enjoy a Ashifumi massage or an aromatherapy session after the onsen, to really complete the relaxation experience.

FACIILITES:  There are 2 large public bathing areas both located on the edge of the National park so that you feel at one with nature.

HIGHLIGHTS:  Kanronomori is one of the only hotels in the district that offer PRIVATE ONSEN rooms for hire for 50 minutes for those who are not sure about the public Hot Spring Experience

COST:   ¥ 800 Adult  ¥ 600 Child  Towels ¥ 200
HOURS:   11:00 ~ 21:00 pm
TEL:    ☎ 0136-58-3800