Sashimi An Dining Niseko
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Designed by renowned Hokkaido architect Koichi Ishiguro, Ki Niseko Luxury Hotel opened in December 2014.  It is the newest example of contemporary Japanese architect to grace Niseko Village and one designed to integrate seamlessly into the alpine landscape of Grand Hirafu.  Ishiguro is an award-winning architect who excels at combining technical depth with an aesthetic thoughtfully sensitive to the character of the place.  If he was a shaping flavors rather than space he would be known as a chef who respects of his terroir.

KiNiseko Restaurant An Dining
Photo courtesy of KiNiseko Restaurant An Dining

“Ki” – which in Japanese Kanji means tree – was chosen as it symbolizes the natural beauty of Hokkaido.  Outside, gardens stretch from a nearby forest to the doorstep of Ki Resort.  Completing the synergy with nature, a walking path and flowing river merge into grounds shaded in earth tones that blend into the mountain.  To complement the serene hotel setting KI NISEKO reached out to a Japanese chef who had established his name in Australia to energize and direct their KI NISEKO RESTAURANT culinary operations within the hotel.  LuxNiseko asked Owner Chef Shinichi Maeda to shed some light on his exciting restaurant in Hirafu called An Dining in an interview over the summer of 2015.


Chef Shinichi MaedaAfter 4 years as Head Chef at Sake Brisbane, Australia where he picked up a coveted Chef’s Hat in the 2012 Queensland Good Food Guide, Shinichi Maeda packed his bags and headed to Niseko where he accepted the head chef position at Ki Niseko newest restaurant called AN DINING.

Returning home to Japan after 12 years in Australia, Shinichi wanted a location that could serve an international clientele while having free reign to explore his passion for local produce.  Ki Niseko was the perfect fit for his pursuit of culinary excellence.  Trained in traditional Japanese Shinichi’s goal is to serve up fresh & simple cuisine that celebrates Hokkaido’s stunning array of produce in new and interesting ways.

Sashimi An Dining Niseko
Photo courtesy of KiNiseko Restaurant An Dining

 “Our goal is to use as much local produce as possible and support local small business such as fisherman, vegetable farmers and specialty markets.”


KiNiseko Restaurant An Dining
Photo courtesy of KiNiseko Restaurant An Dining


Where were you born?

How did you become interested in cooking?
My grand mothers, grand father and uncle were(are) chef and often I spent time in the their kitchen.
Also my grand mother vegetable farm and I spent time with her in the farm before school.
However I think biggest reason is when I was small I was always hungry and couldn’t wait the meals. So I ended up staying the kitchen with them and help.(and taste of course)
Why did you choose to locate in Niseko?
Hokkaido is my home island and always wanted to come back and open my own business here.
Also I have a lot of customers and connection with Australian market and this is the one of the best place to appeal the Hokkaido’s world class produces to the world. and I can cook with the best products especially seafood. and of course here is beautiful. 
What are some of your favorite ingredients sourced from in or around Niseko?
Seasonal local vegetables, fruits and seafood which I can see the face who is farmers and fishermans.
almost everyday I see one of them and talk. So it is really hard to say what my favorite ingredients are but if I have to say……. live shell fishes. Tsubu(sea snail), Hotate(scallops), Hokki(clam), Aoyagi(clam), Shiro-gai(clam), Ezo Awabi(abalone), and Uni(sea urchin)
Uni Appetizer An Dining Niseko
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What have been the most important influences in your cooking?

This is hard to answer …. there have been so many memorable chefs, cultures and experiences on my journey.
The most important thing has been to “meet the people and nature” – producers, farmers, fisherman, brewers, 
other chefs and customers.  As for Nature – where and how produce grows and lives effects how I cook.
What is your approach to writing a new menu?
I normally change the menu every month or more.  It depends on what I can get seasonally and locally.  I basically cook with what I can get at the time locally.
Is your food better matched to wine or sake?
I would say Sake and Beer however with what I have learned in Australia over 12 years I would say wine also pairs well.
What style of food do you serve at KI NISEKO restaurant An Dining?
An Dining style of food is a mix of both traditional and contemporary Japanese.  Old traditional style Japanese is new for young generation and nostalgic for the older generation whereas new modern style is of course new for everyone but still comfortable Japanese flavor .
Tempura An Dining Niseko
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Any new menu items you are working on for the upcoming ski season?

We will focus more on special dietary requirements, especially sensitivities to gluten, dairy, nuts, crustacean, vegan. At the moment our dinner menu in the restaurant is all gluten free including desserts.
Any advice for customers making a reservation at KI NISEKO restaurant An DIning?
Contact us directly even if you booked through hotels or travel agents.  We are more than happy to organize any special request such as a birthday, anniversary, special dietary, special menu or any other important occasion.
Fish An Dining Niseko
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2009  – Wasabi Restaurant & Bar

2012 – Sake Restaurant & Bar

2012-2013  Received ONE CHEFS HAT Rating from Good Food Guide Brisbane Times


Dining Room An Dining
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Dinner at KI NISEKO restaurant An Dining is best described as a premium Japanese izakaya-style with a particular emphasis on local Hokkaido produce.  Guests are encouraged to share dishes, allowing for a sampling of the exceptional variety of flavors and textures created by owner Chef Maeda and his kitchen team.  An Dining’s dinner menu will encompass all five tastes – sweet, bitter, salty, spicy & umami, the savoury taste synonymous with fermented products.  Chef Maeda offers diners an exciting mix of innovative sushi along with more classical dishes.

Fish An Dining Niseko
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The menu changes along with the Niseko seasons.  Shinichi emphasizes care and detail with each dish incorporating delicate colors and textures to create a vivid presentation that is followed by palette-pleasing flavors.  Inside the restaurant setting is contemporary Japanese design with an emphasis on comfort and warmth that contrasts nicely with the cool outdoor setting.

Wine Service An Dining
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For drinks, An Dining offers premium Japanese beer and an impressive hand-selected range of fine sake from all over Japan.  Boutique wines featuring sparkling wines from Australia, New Zealand, France and Italy make up most of the wine list.  After-Dinner drinks that match well with Hokkaido-inspired desserts include a series of legendary Single Malts from Nikka Whisky Distillery located in nearby Yoichi.

Local Wine An Dining
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1,500 yen
Buffet style, half Japanese-style and half modern.


800 – 1,800 yen
Order in the café and choose from a selection of light meals like soba and udon noodles, don-buri, and burgers and sandwiches with chips.


Multi-Course Menus  ¥ 5,000 – 7,500 yen


Entrée 400 – 2,100 yen
Main 1,800 – 3,100 yen
Dessert 500 – 1,050 yen

KiNiseko Restaurant An Dining
Photo courtesy of KiNiseko Restaurant An Dining

BREAKFAST  7:00 am-10:30 am  

LUNCH  11:00 am–3:30 pm (last order 3:00 pm)   

DINNER  5:30 pm-11:00 pm (last order 10:30 pm)

CAFÉ & BAR  7:30 am-12:00pm


183-43 Yamada  Kutchan-cho  Abuta-gun, Hokkaido  044-0081 Japan

☎ +81 (0) 136 21 2565