KOIKAWA Onsen Niseko View
KOIKAWA Onsen Niseko View

KOIKAWA ONSEN hot spring was opened in 1899 in Niseko marking it as one of the original facilities in the fledgling resort area.  Step inside the building and you will get a strong sense of its history.  What some may see as old others will appreciate the nostalgic value of visiting an onsen from another era.

Facilities include two indoor baths and two open-air bath – one each for women and men that alternate throughout the week. respectively.  The indoor bath for gentlemen is known for its historically unique architecture that guests can enjoy while bathing. Outside, open-air baths face towards a small waterfall surrounded snow capped forest trees. The pleasure of taking a bath while listening to the sound of the waterfall is remarkably relaxing and needs to be experienced to understand.

Historic KOIKAWA Onsen Niseko indoor bath water
KOIKAWA Onsen Niseko indoor bath water

From its early years to recent times there was an accommodation section with rooms for 36 people however it has now closed down (closing date 1st April 2017)  The good news is the Koikawa Onsen operation continues to offer single-day visits to their onsen making it perfect for resort guests wishing to explore the village beyond their primary accommodation facility.  Here one can both see an historical bath and relax in an open-air bath surrounded by nature.

KOIKAWA Onsen Niseko indoor bath fountain
KOIKAWA Onsen Niseko indoor bath fountain

Indoors 2 rectangular baths offer different varying water temperatures to choose from with a depth of about 1 m. The water has a tint of orange due to the iron content which some feel offers special healing powers.  The constant flow of new water from the hot spring source adds a relaxing acoustic ambience as well as ensuring the water temperature remains consistent.

KOIKAWA Onsen Outdoor View Niseko on LuxNiseko Alpine Luxury Lifestyle Magazine
KOIKAWA Onsen Outdoor View Niseko

Koikawa Cafe is open inside of the Koikawa onsen.  Visitors can enjoy simple dishes like Ramen, Japanese soba noodle, special sweets and drink.  They also have a traditional “Onsen Tamago” (soft boiled egg in our hot spring). You can enjoy our Cafe before or after taking a bath for all guests.

Koikawa Cafe is closed irregularly, so please check the opening time in their Facebook page or website.

KOIKAWA Onsen Niseko on LuxNiseko Alpine Luxury Lifestyle Magazine
KOIKAWA Onsen Niseko Entrance

FACILITIES:  Indoor & outdoor baths, dry sauna, cold dipping bath, steam sauna (next to the swimming pool), coin operated massage chairs

HIGHLIGHT:  Historical setting with an open air bath surrounded by nature and a small waterfall.

COST:  Adult: JPY 600. Child: JPY 300. Infant: JPY 100.
HOURS:  10:30~20:00 pm  Facility Closes 21:00

TEL:    ☎ 0136-58-2111

592 Yunosato, Rankoshi Town, Isoya District  

鯉川温泉 〒048-1321 北海道磯谷郡蘭越町字湯里592