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The hotel is located at the foot of Mt. Yotei in one corner of Oku Niseko Konbu Hot Springs, long enjoyed for its therapeutic effects.  Travel a short distance and you’ll hear the murmur of a welcome.  Immediately to the left is the Momiji Waterfall, and flowing from there is the Niseko Anbetsu River. Anbetsu means the water flowing under the cliff in the Ainu language.  Surrounded by old growth forest, the only thing you can hear in Konbu Onsen Turuga Besso MokuNoSho is the gentle flow of the river.

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A place to relax and let your body unwind.  Any weary traveler would like to wash away the fatigue and sweat from a long day of travel. Meisen means the spring of life, which symbolizes the rejuvenating feeling that envelopes your entire body from the inside out when bathing in these waters. Enjoy the unique soothing waters of the Konbu Hot Springs that will leave your skin feeling smooth and soft.

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There are several theories behind the somewhat strange name of Konbu Onsen Turuga Besso MokuNoSho , which literally means kelp hot springs. First, in the distant past the Ainu people wrapped pieces of konbu kelp around trees to mark their path. Next is the theory that a fisherman from Iwanai and a local farmer set up a large log wrapped in kelp to define the place as where goods from the sea and land exchanged hands. When heading to this market, people would say we’re going to konbu kelp, which stuck as a place name.
There is also another theory that it is a corruption of the Ainu word メDokonbu nupuri, which means small, fist-shaped mountain.  However, none of these theories have been proven as true.

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Relax and enjoy the privacy of your own private family bath
In addition to the main Meisen no Yu hot spring bath, the hotel also offers a private hot spring room available for families. Gaze out from the window at the forest and Niseko Anbestu River while taking a dip in your very own exclusive hot spring bath.

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Konbu Onsen Turuga Besso MokuNoSho offers a treasure trove of artwork throughout its premises.
These include modern folding screens in the lobby, oriental lamps decorating the lounge, wood carvings from master craftsmen Masamitsu Takiguchi of Akan, and Ainu art known as inaw.  The power of art leaves a deep imprint of that particular location in the thoughts and minds of the people viewing it.

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Feel as your daily stress and fatigue melt away as you fall into a deep sense of relaxation. The hotelユs spa focuses on the natural healing power of plants and uses a wide range of aroma therapy oils derived from natural vegetation. The spa offers an extensive menu of treatment services that span from facials to full body treatments.
Prior to your treatment, your esthetician will discuss your selection over a cup of herbal tea.

One room for in Konbu Onsen Turuga Besso MokuNoSho for individual treatments, one room for treatments for two, and three chiropractic beds.

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HOURS: 3:00pm to 9:30am the following day

LOCATION:  393 Niseko, Niseko-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido 048-1511 Japan

TEL:   ☎ 0136-59-2323


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