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Niseko is blessed with an extraordinary geographic location for skiing and snowboarding.  A less obvious advantage is that lies in the heart of Japan’s great farmland – the northern island of Hokkaido.  Here the alpine climate combined with talented farmers produce some the world’s best dairy products.  Many times foreigners visiting Japan for the first time will comment on just how good the milk, yoghurt and ice creams are.  The creamy texture and purity of the milk is a key component to making a great café latté.  Given this, it is not surprising that a great one can be found in Niseko.  Even better news is that NISEKO BEST LATTE can be found within walking distance of the gondola lifts of Grand Hirafu.

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The Niseko Landmark View Deli is one of the most conveniently located cafés in Hirafu.  Located just 3 minutes walk from the Grand Hirafu Gondolas it can be found on the ground floor of the Landmark View Hotel.  The Landmark Deli is open every morning and evening throughout the winter season serving deliciously hot Lavazza coffee along with locally baked goods to pair with your coffee, latté or espresso.

Featuring Lavazza coffee and a standout barista the coffee bar is the most prominent feature of the interior of Landmark Deli.  There are several hotels and cafés in Niseko serving café latté but none have the talented barista that Landmark Deli has.  This is the key factor that elevates the coffee here above the standard offerings found elsewhere and make it Niseko Best Latte .  Ground fresh to order and extracted in the espresso style we found the café latté to be outstanding.  The combination of the very dark roasting of the Lavazza beans, creamy Hokkaido milk and the barista’s gifted hands is quite compelling.  This is saying a lot because Lavazza coffee on its own is far from a favorite of LuxNiseko.  Somehow the dark chocolatey espresso is balanced off perfectly against the creamy milk – temperature control no doubt played an important role and which is credit to the barista.

We love the interior setting and in particular the coffee bar.  A beautifully written balckboard-chalk menu sets the stage for what is to come.  High-end coffee equipment plays its role including a Simonelli Grinder and stunning La Marzocco Strada EP espresso machine.  Great equipment, a talented barista & Hokkaido milk combine to make the Landmark Deli Cafe the place to get the NISEKO BEST LATTE

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One of the hidden treasures of the Landmark Deli is the farm-table spread of locally made delicacies.  Turning the corner into the deli reveals a wooden table spread with locally baked pastries and breads.  The varieties here are different than other bakeries like Lupicia Boutique , Jin Boulangerie and Odin Bakery.  The style seems to be more Northern European with a beautiful golden hue occasionally lathered in fondant or crowned with fruit preserves.  The cinnamon rolls are hard to resist with their swirling spirals of white fondant and golden brioche.  Wouldn’t this go great with a dark & chocolatey espresso just pulled off of the La Marzocco Espresso Machine?

Bread loaf selection includes baguette style long loaves or an impressive variety of pullman style pan loaves. (shoko-pan as they call it here in Japan).  Smaller choices include danish pastries, fruit-filled streudels and croissants  It’s easy to find a perfect match to a fresh crafted aromatic coffee, creamy latte or dark espresso.  Operating hours allow for a morning start or afternoon break.

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ADDRESS:   181 – 4 Aza-Yamada Kutchan-cho, Abuta-gun  Hokkaido, Japan 044-0081
TEL:    0136 21-6466
OPEN:    Ski Season Only  Dec 15 to March 15    7am – 11am     3pm – 6pm