Niseko Events
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Each year a series of annual events takes place in Niseko.  Whether celebrating culture, seasons, historical events or simple sporting celebrations – there is always something exciting happening in Niseko.  Outdoors is a big part of Niseko and so many events are held within the natural environment that Niseko offers.  Recent growth in Niseko Tourism has meant more interest and greater participation in these activities.  A recently integrated community of foreigners living part-time or year-round in Niseko has added new energy to build an exciting all encompassing calendar of events that reflect of the traditions of the past while integrating new activities as the resort area and population grows along with it.  Niseko events are to be embraced and enjoyed by locals and tourists alike.


Kutchan Jazz Festival (Kutchan)
Sapporo International Half Marathon (Sapporo)
Pacific Music Festival (Sapporo)
Sapporo Jazz Festival (Sapporo)
Toyako Onsen Summer Festival (Toya)
Sapporo Summer Festival (Sapporo)
Lake Shikotsu Water Festival (Chitose)
Rusutsu Fireworks (Rusutsu)
Toyohira River Fireworks (Sapporo)
Otaru Ushio Festival (Otaru)
Shiribetsu River Festival (Rankoshi)
Kyogoku Cold Natural Water Festival (Kyogoku)
Firefly Festival (Otaru)
NAC Challenge Race Series (Niseko)


Kutchan Potato Festival (Kutchan)
Susukino Festival (Sapporo)
Hokkaido Marathon (Sapporo)
Niseko Summer Fireworks and Star Festival (Niseko)
Kakashi Festival (Kyowa)
Rusutsu Fireworks (Rusutsu)
Rising Sun Rock Festival (Ishikari)
NAC Challenge Race Series (Niseko)


Rusutsu Furusato Festival (Rusutsu)
Niseko Marathon Festival (Niseko)
Sapporo Performance Carnival Dai Don Den (Sapporo)
Sapporo International Short Film Festival and Market (Sapporo)
Sapporo Autumn Festival (Sapporo)
Niseko Harvest Festival (Niseko)
Shakotan Ikiiki Festival (Shakotan)
Otaru Firecorks (Otaru)
Wine Carnival in Otaru (Otaru)
Autumn Fruits Festival (Niki)
Tour de Hokkaido Bicycle Race (Niseko)
Niseko Cycle Week (Niseko)
Niseko Golf Week (Niseko)
NAC Challenge Race Series (Niseko)