A History of Powder Skiing in Niseko has recently been published to commemerate 50 years since the Hirafu Ski Resort opened  and the 100 years Anniversary of Niseko Village History .   To mark these important moments the Committee for Publishing a History of Ski Development in Hirafu assembled previous writings and freshly conducted interviews of key people within the Niseko community.

The Niseko Hirafu Interesting history blog has a series of posts that appear to be English translations of Japanese notes.  The notes do go back further in time than the published book however they lack a focused viewpoint and need to be taken together before any sort of chronological history begins to make sense.  They are but pieces to an historical puzzle which is what makes this Niseko Powder Skiing History Book so useful.

Describing the short history of ski resort development at Niseko Hirafu it is now in print in Japanese and in English.  The English-language edition is an abridged version of the Japanese-language edition meaning that it has been partially transcribed and translated.  The English version is by no means an easy read as its style is more akin to a Google Translation than a smoothly written book.  Surprisingly it is priced nearly identical as the Japanese version even though it is much shorter.  If you have a Japanese friend fluent in English you may be better off having them read you the Japanese version.  Regardless it is one of the few sources of information on the early history of Niseko and will be a fascinating read for History buffs.  Pictured below are the two language versions and their chapters contained within each book.




Both of these books can be purchased on Amazon here  A History of Powder Skiing in Niseko