When planning a climb up mountains, a run through the alpine forest, or day surfing powder snow, choosiing the right clothing layers is important. Outer jackets are the first line of defense against extreme weather like rain or snow.  Warmth is more challenging to plan out given conditions often change unexpectedly.  Thats where the North Face pullover fleece fits so well.  Fleece is lightweight, breathable, and warm yet easily removed and stored in a backpack when the extra warmth is not required. They are like a supporting actor – adding the day’s performance when needed but never getting in the way when not.  Fleece jackets can be a good investment when washed and cared for correctly. In fact, a North Face pullover fleece jacket can even last a lifetime.

NorthFace Pullover Fleece
Photo courtesy of NorthFace


Fleece helps regulate your body temperature after fast hikes or on cool-weather runs yet is lightweight making it useful throughout the four seasons.  The quarter-zip design makes it super easy to ventilate the pullover when the body gets too hot.

Fashion choices are considerable with 8 Colors and 35 variations available that cover hiking, skiing, snowboarding and mountaineering.  Protection from wet, cold, snow, wind is covered while at the same time regulating the moisture and heat your body gives off while moving.

The North Face Radium Hi-Loft is a technical model designed for being active in cold environments. It’s made with a soft high-lofted material and comes fitted with a baffled construction that allows for maximum ventilation. The baffles do allow cold air to seep in on windy days but functions well as a layer under a shell.  Stretch fleece panels on the side torso and arms allow for natural body movement for intensive activities.



“Warmth Without Weight” is how the North Face 100 Glacier ¼ Zip is billed.  How does it perform?  Made with Polartec Classic Micro polyester fleece it manages to be light weight yet pack enough insulation to be warm on a cool day.  The North Face Men’s 100 Glacier 1/4 Zip is an ideal lightweight fleece pullover for all seasons outdoors.

  • Classic 1/4 zip Polartec fleece
  • The Polartec Classic is warmth without weight, highly breathable material that dries quickly
  • Highly durable and machine washable

Featuring fast drying Polartec Power Dry fleece, this is classified as a technical fleece.  Basically it is an ideal fleece for layering when active in intense cold weather like high altitude mountain climbing.  One of its strengths is dries quickly due to its moisture wicking properties.  For runners, the Hadoken also makes a great midweight standalone layer frosty autumn runs due to its stretchiness.

  • Soft and stretchy Polartec PowerDry fleece fabric provides superior wicking and fast drying
  • Taped bicep pocket
  • Two handpockets
  • Average Weight: 324 g

Designed to deliver thermal insulation in the extreme cold, this lightweight midlayer is made with heat-trapping Polartec Thermal Pro High Loft fleece.  Attributes include high stretchability and strong but smooth fleece panels under the arms that help with mobility and breathability.  The Radium Hi-Loft Jacket has the highest warmth-to-weight ratio of any The North Face high loft fleece and is therefore most suitable for activities conducted under extreme weather conditions.

  • Hardface Polartec PowerStretch Pro fleece with grid backer offers better moisture management under the arm
  • Two zip handpockets
  • Average Weight: 400 g


When learning how to care for a North Face fleece jacket requires it helps to understand the materials and technology used to make it. PolarTec 300 Series fleece fabric is made from recycled PET bottles and comes with a Durable Water Resistant (DWR) finish that prevents the fleece from absorbing water.


Set the washing machine on the gentle cycle.  Turn the fleecet inside out to protect its outer finish and wash it separately from your other clothes so the fleece does not pill if lint gets stuck to the surface.

While Polartec recommends that you wash fleece in cold water and line dry it, you will achieve the best results when it is washed in warm water followed by tumble drying on low.  Use only half the recommended amount of powdered detergent to avoid.  Do not use liquid detergent because it leaves residue on the jacket that interferes with the DWR finish, and also avoid fabric softeners and bleach since they can damage the fabric.  Run two rinse cycles to make sure you remove all detergent residue from the fabric.


Fleece is best dried by placing it on a towel rack or use the tumble dry mode on low heat in the dryer.  If using the dryer, do not add a fabric sheet because it can degrade the protective finish.  If air drying the jacket, lay it flat instead of using a clothes hanger that can stretch the fabric and alter the jacket’s appearance.

NorthFace Mountaineering
Photo courtesy of NorthFace


While washing NorthFace fleece avoid laundering it too frequently as detergent will gradually degrade the fabric’s protective finish.  For storage place the fleece in a cloth garment bag to protect it from dust, lint, carpet beetles, moths, and more.