Niseko Pizza Del Sole

A small eatery opened with the hope of matching the purity of wood-fired Neapolitan pizza-making with the unmatched natural beauty of An’nupuri Village.  Niseko best pizza is unquestionably Pizza del Sole Niseko and one of the best food destinations in Niseko.  It is a perfect example of how simple cooking can sometimes be the very best cooking.  The Japanese chef-owner spent several years learning the authentic technique of making pizza in Italy.  The wood-burning oven is indeed the type required to produce authentic Neapolitan Pizza.  Bricks and design were both imported from Italy then assembled in the restaurant.  A 5 day firing in order to “cure” the bricks and seal the oven was required before opening the restaurant.

Each day the oven is pre-fired for several hours in order to reach the high internal temperature required to cook each pizza in 90 seconds.  The dough used for the pizza is pre-fermented and shaped by hand which adds complexity to both taste and mouthfeel.  The result is a pizza of incomparable texture and flavour.  There are no fusion combinations here.  Classical roots are the driving force behind this chef’s ambitions..  With only 15 seats quality clearly takes priority over turnover – marking Niseko best pizza as one of the few Niseko restaurants disciplined and generous enough to take this approach.

Niseko Best Pizza

Although the dining room is small is is tastefully appointed with Tuscan yellow colored walls and beautifully stained wood table and chairs.  Intriguing artifacts and wall hangings add to the serene atmosphere – the kind trendy lifestyle magazines love.  A magazine rack stacked with design oriented titles confirms that taste and sense is pleasingly refined here.  Between the gorgeous oven, the choice of a grand Elektra coffee machine and the interior decor – the senses are heightened to expect more than just pizza.

The menu has four sections all of which show the Fourteen classic pizzas are on the menu and range in price from 1200 to 2400円.   Take-out pizza is available only with an advance order.  Be sure to call in your Pizza Del Sole Niseko order ahead of your visit.  A small selection of quality beers and wine are available.   The Sapporo beer on draft is made from spring water and only available in Hokkaido due to a law preventing export of spring water in any form.  Appetizers are basically combinations of quality Italian charcuterie and locally farmed salad greens and satisfyingly set the stage for the real star of the show.  Dessert is a choice between a variety of gelato flavours or Affogato – ice cream topped with espresso.

Just as authentic as the pizza production is the Elektra Espresso machine topped with a gold eagle towering beyond the counter.  This is an expensive machine for a seasonal location like Niseko and one that only owners with extreme passion would include for their customers.  Be sure to finish your meal in true Italian style with a darkly extracted espresso topped with foamy “la crema”.  It draws a wonderfully executed meal to a fully satisfying conclusion that punches above all but a few culinary experiences in Niseko.

2015 Winter Opening starts on December 12.


ADDRESS:  〒048-1511 483-1 Aza Niseko Niseko-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido

TEL:   (81) 0136-58-3535


OPENING HOURS:  LUNCH  12:00-15:00      DINNER   18:00-22:00




Niseko Pizza Del Sole