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Pursuit of adventure brought Sprout Outdoor Espresso Café owner Yoshitake Toge to Niseko from Chiba.  He began working as a guide at Niseko company NAC.   After six years he and his wife Yukiko decided to start the café.  Now 5 years old, Sprout Outdoor Espresso has established itself as one of the best cafe brands in Niseko village. SPROUT  has several locations throughout Niseko and Kutchan Villages.  In Niseko one can find the a cafe in Upper Hirafu – convenient for an early morning start, a midday pickup or an aprés ski chillout.  A second location in Kutchan is ideally located just a block from the Eki Mae Dori train station and the major supermarkets.  Finally, there are kiosk versions of Sprout Outdoor Espresso to be found at special event venues throughout the year.
Coffee beans are roasted by “Yokoi coffee” in Sapporo and a unique blend is created for Sprout Outdoor Espresso.  Within the stores coffee is brewed in both espresso and french press styles.  All espresso style coffees are ground, pressed and extracted with a La Marzocco machine – handmade in Florence and considered to be perhaps the finest of its kind in the world.  Those preferring a single-bean coffee have several choices that change on a weekly basis.  French press is the chosen style of brewing here and the results are consistently excellent.  While not as detailed as some of the smaller venues like Japonica or Mountain View Coffee the quality here should please most.  In addition to the arrangement and type of drink of espresso you have’m lost or choose what is rich. Latte art is also a bright spot here with carefully poured designs adjusted to the customer.
Coffee and other drinks of SPROUT Outdoor Espresso can be take-out or drink-in.  One the advantages of the Kutchan location is the Fuji cream puffs can be purchased a few minutes away and then eaten along with your SPROUT coffee within the cafe.  Music is cool jazz and seating is a mix of stylish vintage furniture.  Walls are adorned with local art books and there is a lot of reading material available including a huge section of brochures.
To the right side of the cozy cafe is a wall of outdoor goods inlcuding many Made in Japan goods such as handmade socks, toques and mittens.  There is a strong vibe of support for local artists and artisans here.  This space is so relaxing it is easy to forget the time and place.  Definitely this is the most salon-like cafe in the Niseko region and you will see many foreigners come and go here making it a good place to network with new friends.
Sprout Coffee Kutchan
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Best Cafe Niseko
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ESPRESSO:  Rich, chocolatey brown with a velvety la crema leading into the dark roasted cacao flavors framed by lively acidity.
CAFE LATTE:  Addictive toast & chocolate flavors balance nicely with the foamy milk as flavors build with each successive sip.
FRENCH PRESS:  Single Origin or SPROUT Blend depending on your taste.  Our Single Origin Guatemala exhibited a rising complexity that was otherwise subtle, pure and quietly intense.
Best Coffee Kutchan
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The exterior design is simple with a cheerful blue background displaying the attractive SPROUT logo.  The design style could be described as a fusion of reclaimed industrial rusticity combined with classic vintage furniture.  It lends an air of relaxed bohemian comfort that fuses nicely with the cool jazz and vintage furniture.  Hand drawn chalkboards line provide both the menu and a handmade feel to the entrance that sets the tone for the carefully crafted coffees.  We were told the interior was designed by NISEKO HOME DESIGN
Sprout Coffee Niseko

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LOCATION:  Across from Kutchan Train Station
TEL:  0136-55-5161
EMAIL:   mail@sprout-project.com
HOURS:  Mon – Sun:  10:00 am – 5:00 pm
ADDRESS:  3-10 Kita 1 JonishiAbuta-gun, Kutchan-cho 044-0051Hokkaido
YAMASHIZEN   07:00 TO 17:00
YOTEI-TRACKS 07:00 TO 17:00

Coffee Kutchan
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