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The Vale Onsen Niseko taps 700m deep into this mineral rich volcanic region to collect its natural thermal spring water.  It is said it takes 160 years to filter down through Mount Yotei, collecting its healing minerals and fertility.   The building incorporates a traditional Japanese onsen with a twist.  An ultra-modern design mixes with the old tradition to create a bathing experience unique only to Niseko.

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Designed for ultimate relaxation. From the moment you walk in be ascended to a Japanese aquatic world; the smell of sandlewoods and cedar; soft hues from the blue glow of the water; the tranquil ambience lighting. Its position showcases a vista across the Japanese zen garden up the ski mountain, sunsets over the birch tree ridge, alpen glow across the ski mountain and night ski panoramas.

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Onsen designer Suzuki San of Nikken Space combines the traditional Japanese ‘’wabi sabi’’ form of texture, color, simplicity, and space to create Niseko’s most opulent open air bathing experience. The outside baths use dramatic contrasts of light and steam to create a magical setting.

The inside baths mix stone, timber, glass and a gentle infusion of essential oil such as mountain pine, sandlewood, lavender or jasmine.  It is undoubtedly one of the more beautiful onsens in all of Niseko and a must visit for guests holding a preference for the modern or Western style of onsens.  It is also conveniently located a the bottom of Grand Hirafu ski area which makes for easy access after a day on the slopes.  No matter where you are staying in Niseko if you can get to the top of Annupuri then you can access the Vale Onsen .

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FACILITIES:  Indoor & outdoor baths, dry sauna, cold dipping bath, steam sauna (next to the swimming pool), coin operated massage chairs

HIGHLIGHT:  With a fragrant wood smell and flattering lighting The Vale Onsen is definitely one of the most premium hot spring experiences in Niseko

COST:   ¥1000
HOURS:   7:00~9:00 am    12:00~22:00 pm

TEL:    ☎ 0136-21-5811


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