Set in a hotel designed with a fusion of Japanese and Western style from past decades,  Yugokorotei is a popular choice among villagers for its open-air outdoor onsen.   Water used in this onsen is pumped from the southern foot of Mount Annupuri without any chlorine added or any recirculation of the water.  Natural hot spring water flowing directly from the source ensures all the health benefits from the water are passed onto onsen bathers.


During winter the hotel seems to float in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by giant pillow-edged snow banks.  Take your time if parking as parking boundaries are not always what they seem to be.   Upon entering guests are greeted by a lobby with stories to tell from decades past.   Refreshing local spring water is provided free of charge for the after-onsen thirst.   Little is remarkable about the interior aside from the historical reference points.

Once inside the narrow locker room a series of tiled steps leads one to an open showering area framed at the far end by a large window.  Skip the indoor onsen and head directly outdoors where the real story of this facility lies.  On a snowy day ordinary transforms into a fairytale winter scene.

YUGOKOROTEI onsen niseko

Geothermal hot spring gushes from its source at 56.4 degrees celsius and is not modified in anyway before it is used in the bathing areas.  Soaking in natural hot springs help the body relieve itself from aches and pains.

Guests who are staying in the hotel are provided access to the hotspring facilities 24 hours a day.  Visitors buy tickets which are become cheaper when bought in multiples.

After your bath there are several options for beverages within the lobby.   Casual drinks can be purchased from vending machines while table service and menu drinks are available at the front seating area.  If you are visiting around New Years then complimentary sake is sometimes available along with local spring water.

While this is amongst the oldest onsen options available in Niseko it is well worth at least one visit for the outdoor bath during snowfall and will add positively to a visitor’s perspective of the scope and tradition of onsen bathing within Niseko Village.

Indoor and Outdoor baths are cleaned between 7:00 and 16:00,Day of cleaning is carried out 2 times in the summer and 1 time in the winter. These extra closures are scheduled during weekdays.

Open:    Monday-Friday   8am-7pm         Saturday-Sunday  9am-5pm

LOCATION:  438, Niseko, Niseko-Cho, Abuta-Gun, Hokkaido 048-1511, Japan

☎ +81 (0) 136 21 2565